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Definitions are defined terms contained in policy and procedure. Definitions are clear and concise with distinct meanings that are easy to interpret and understand. Definitions that relate only to a particular policy or procedure are located within that policy or procedure.

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Academic Appeal Academic Career Academic Freedom Academic Integrity Academic Merit Academic Misconduct Academic Program Academic Program Portfolio Academic Registrar Academic Standing Academic Transcript Academic Year Accountable Officer Acquisition Administrative Grade Admission Adverse Event (Animal) AEC Major Amendment AEC Minor Amendment Animal Animal Carer Animal Ethics Committee (AEC) Animal Wellbeing Anti-requisite Appeal Appeal Type Applicant Approval Authority Approved Course Articulating Academic Programs Articulating Courses Articulation Arrangement Assess Assessment Assessment Item Assessment Scheme Asset Capitalisation Threshold Asset Class Asset(s) Assignment Assignment Due Date Assumed Knowledge Australian Permanent Resident Authorised Delegate Authorised Representative Authorising Officer Authority to Act Award Award Course Award Program


Blended Delivery Model Block Exemption Borrowing(s) Brand Toolkit Breach in Research Bullying Bursary


Calendar Day Capstone Unit Cash Float Cash Float Custodian(s) Census Date Certified Copy Chancellor Chartfield Coding Cheating Chief Data Officer Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Claims Made Policy Class Closed Examination Close Relative Collusion Commonwealth Assisted Student Commonwealth Contributions Commonwealth Government Department Responsible for Higher Education Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN) Commonwealth Supported Place Commonwealth Supported Student Complainant Complaint Complaint Type Compliance Register Conflict of Interest Contract Cheating Contract Delegate Contract Management System Contract Manager Contract Owner Core Core Course Co-requisite Core Unit Cornerstone Unit Corporate Credit Cardholder(s) Corporate Credit Card(s) Corrupt Conduct Corruption Costing Council Counterpart Course Course Credit Course Learning Outcomes Course Load Course Specification Course Team Course Transfer Coursework Coursework Course Coursework Curriculum Model Coursework Program Creative Commons Licensing Credit Credit Card Administrator Credit Card Provider Credit Point Credit Transfer Arrangement Criterion Referenced Assessment Cross-Credited Elective Cross-institutional Study Cultural Competence Curriculum Design Custodian


Data Security Decision Deferment Deferred Assessment Delegated Purchasing Officer Delegate (noun) Delegate (verb) Delegation Delegation of Authority Delegations of Authority Deployment Plan Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) Digital Learning Objects Direct Costs Director (Integrity and Professional Conduct) Disciplinary Action Discipline Study Unit Discrimination Divisional Finance Officer Domestic and Family Violence Domestic Student Donor Donor Funded Scholarship, Bursary or Prize Double Degree Drafter Dual Award


Editorial Amendment EFTSL Elective Electronic Signature Electronic Signing Platform Employee Employee Authorised to Purchase Enabling Course Enabling Program English Language Proficiency Enrolment Enrolment Requirement Examination Supervisor Examiner Exchange Program Exclusion Executive Dean Exegesis Exemption Expenditure Extended Major External Course External Lawyer External Unit


Failure to Cite Failure to Comply with Formal Examination or Assessment Instructions Failure to Implement the Code Fee-paying Place Field of Education Final Grade Financial Delegate Formal Complaint Formal Examination Formal Examination Period Formative Assessment Fraedom Fraud Fraud Investigation Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Full Economic Cost Full-Time Study


General Misconduct Gift and/or Benefit Goods and/or Services Goods and Services Tax (GST) Government Department responsible for Foreign Affairs Government Department responsible for Immigration Grade (noun) Grade Point Grade Point Average (GPA) Graduand Graduate Graduate Attributes Grievance Guardian or Suitable Nominated Relative


Harassment Head of School/College Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Student Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Supervisor Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS) Higher Education Loan Programme Higher Education Provider (HEP)


Impairment Indemnity Indirect Costs Indirect Costs (General) Indirect Costs (Research) Informal Complaint Information Information Asset Information Asset Custodian Information Classification Information Creator Information Custodian Information Security Information Steward Information System Custodian Information Systems Information User Informed Consent Insurance Insurance Broker Insurer Intangible Assets Intellectual Property Interest Interest Bearing Funds Internal Document Internal Information Internal Unit International Fees International Student Inventory Investigating Officer Investment(s)


Joint Degree


Learning Outcomes Leave of Absence Level Level P-A.1 (Purchasing Card only) Purchasing Training Liability(ies)


Major Major Academic Misconduct Major Amendment Makerspaces Maladministration Manager(s) Margin Mark Media Mediation Mediator Metadata Minor Minor Academic Misconduct Minor Amendment Misrepresentation and Falsification Moderator Monies


Natural Justice Nested Qualifications Net Realisable Value Nominal Gift and/or Benefit Non-Academic Appeal Non-Award Course Non-Award Enrolment Non-Award Program Non-Pecuniary Interest Notice


Official Sponsor On-campus Course Online Course Open Access Open Examination Operating Margin Other Enrolment Requirements Overseas Student


Part-Time Study Pathway Program Pecuniary Interest Personal Information Petty Cash Petty Cash Custodian Petty Cash Float Plagiarism Point Equivalence Policy Policy and Procedure Definition Dictionary Policy and Procedure Development and Review Schedule Policy Instrument Policy Sponsor Portable and Attractive Item (PAI) Portable and Attractive Items Register (PAIR) Precautionary Principle Premium Pre-requisite Prescribed Special Payment(s) Pricing Primary Hurdle Primary Materials Private Treaty Prize Procedural Fairness Procedure Procurement Procurement Officer Professional Studies Professional Studies Program Program Credit Program Learning Outcomes Property, Plant and Equipment Assets Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) Public Information Public Interest Disclosure Public Officer Purchasing


Qualified Witness Queensland Government Department Responsible for Higher Education


Reasonable Adjustment Recommended Prior Study Refresh Program Registered Post Registered Student Regulatory Compliance Instrument Regulatory Compliance Obligation Relevant Course Materials Reportable Gift and/or Benefit Reporting Period Research Research Activities Research Conduct Complaint Research Data Research Data Management Research Data Management Plan Research Funding Agreements Research Investigation Research Misconduct Research Output Research Project Unit Research Purposes Research Training Scheme (RTS) Research Worker Respondent Responsible Officer Restricted Examination Restricted Information Retention and Disposal Schedule Returning Officer Revenue Review of Decision


Scholarship Scholarship of Learning and Teaching Scientific Purposes Secondary Hurdle Secondary Hurdle (Proficiency) Secondary Hurdle (Supervised) Self-plagiarism Semester Sexual Harassment Single Sign On (SSO) Smoking Special Circumstances Special Consideration Specialisation Special Payment(s) Speech Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) Strategic Asset Management Framework (SAMF) Student Student Advocate Student Contribution Amount Student Learning Entitlement (SLE) Student Learning Journey Student Selection Unit Student Support Person Study Component Study Component Learning Outcomes Sub-Bachelor Sub-Master Summative Assessment Item Supplementary Assessment Supplementary Examination Supplier System Delegate


Tax Invoice Teaching Activity Teaching Period Temporary Grade Testamur Thesis Thesis by Publication Thesis with Creative Works Third Party Arrangement Third Party Provider Title Transfer of Grade Transition Travel Office Manager Travel Officer Tuition/Direct Fee Tuition/Direct Feepaying Student Tuition Fees


Unexpected Adverse Event (Animal) Unit Unit Offer Unit Specification Unit Transfer University University Appeal University Business Days