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Employee Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To establish a University environment which creates a culture of equity, inclusivity, and belonging for all Employees through targeted initiatives and interventions.

2 Scope

This policy applies to all Employees.

3 Policy Statement

The University is actively committed to promoting equal opportunity and strives to support Employees to achieve their full potential in an environment where diverse identities, behaviours, experiences, skills, and interests are respected and valued.

The University promotes inclusive practices that support the successful participation of all Employees at the University and strive to enhance the workforce representation of under-represented diversity groups and intersecting identities.

The University is actively committed to equity and the prevention of Discrimination, Bullying, Harassment, Victimisation and Vilification in the workplace, and will take all reasonable steps and actions to ensure that Employees are treated fairly, and in accordance with the University's Code of Conduct Policy.

4 Principles

The University is committed to creating an environment that supports, reflects, and promotes equitable and inclusive behaviours and practices, and will endeavour to:

  • foster a University culture which values and responds to the rich diversity of its community;
  • provide an inclusive and flexible environment for Employees by identifying and removing barriers to equitable access, participation and progression in employment so that all Employees have the opportunity to fully contribute to University life;
  • ensure that Employees are aware of their rights and their responsibilities as University Members;
  • build knowledge and capability that enables leaders to demonstrate a clear and visible commitment to providing a safe and inclusive workplace;
  • use non-discriminatory and inclusive language;
  • develop proactive and meaningful plans and programs to increase access and promote success in employment for designated under-represented groups in order to overcome disadvantage and bias;
  • ensure that all Employees have fair access to benefits and services in an equitable manner;
  • consistently update and support the knowledge, skills, and practices of Employees and Supervisors to encourage and ensure equity and inclusion; and
  • develop and promote processes that support the active prevention of discrimination, bullying, harassment, vilification, and victimisation, and provide effective mechanisms to resolve complaints if and when such matters occur.

To support this commitment, the University will:

  • proactively seek to build a workforce that reflects a diversity of race, ethnicity, age, religion, disability, caring responsibilities, sexual orientation, gender and gender identity;
  • develop and maintain a diversity and inclusion program of work which has a focus on increasing employment outcomes for under-represented groups in society and the regions in which the University operates, including setting goals and targets where appropriate;
  • ensure that it offers a suite of employment terms and flexible working arrangements that support the needs of its diverse workforce, particularly those with family and caring responsibilities, and those requiring reasonable adjustments to participate fully in employment;
  • develop mechanisms that provide regular opportunities for consultation with and between Employees on equity, diversity and inclusion matters;
  • regularly review policies, procedures and processes which aim to prevent and respond to inequitable treatment, Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment to ensure they are effective, transparent and easily accessible;
  • ensure Employees have access to culturally appropriate and trauma-informed support, counselling and complaints processes when needed; and
  • provide knowledge and professional development for Employees and Supervisors to raise awareness of equal opportunity, Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment, including strategies to prevent this occurring in the workplace.

The University will develop and implement programs, practices, and initiatives which aim to support equality in all areas of employment including, but not limited to:

  • recruitment;
  • retention;
  • resignation and turnover;
  • performance management;
  • promotion and career progression;
  • talent identification and management;
  • succession planning;
  • learning and development;
  • gender equality; and
  • remuneration (with a particular focus on equal remuneration between men and women for work of equal of comparable value)

The University will monitor and report the impact and success of this policy through the relevant diversity and inclusion frameworks, plans, and strategies.

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6 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

7 Policy Information

Accountable Officer

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise Services)

Responsible Officer

Chief People Officer

Policy Type

Executive Policy

Policy Suite

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Employment Procedure

Employee Family and Domestic Violence Support Procedure

Subordinate Schedules

Approved Date


Effective Date


Review Date


Relevant Legislation

Age Discrimination Act 2004

Anti-Discrimination Act 1991

Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986

Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Disability Services Act 2006 (Qld)

Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 (Qld)

Enterprise Agreement

Equal Employment Opportunity (Commonwealth Authorities) Act 1987

Fair Work Act 2009

Human Rights Act 2019

Public Interest Disclosure Act 2010 (Qld)

Public Sector Ethics Act 1994

Racial Discrimination Act 1975

Racial Hatred Act 1995

Sex Discrimination Act 1984

Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (Qld)

Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

Policy Exceptions

Policy Exceptions Register

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Terms defined in the Definitions Dictionary


A person employed by the University and whose conditions of employment are covered by the Enterprise Agreement and includes persons employed on a continuing, fixed term or casual basis. Employees also include senior Employees whose conditions of employment are covered by a written agreement or contract with the University....moreA person employed by the University and whose conditions of employment are covered by the Enterprise Agreement and includes persons employed on a continuing, fixed term or casual basis. Employees also include senior Employees whose conditions of employment are covered by a written agreement or contract with the University.


The term 'University' or 'UniSQ' means the University of Southern Queensland....moreThe term 'University' or 'UniSQ' means the University of Southern Queensland.

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Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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