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Cloud Computing Engagement Schedule

Schedule overview

1 Purpose

To provide the Information System Custodian or their nominee with a checklist to be used in conjunction with information provided in the Engagement of Cloud Computing Services Procedure.

2 Scope

This schedule must be read in conjunction with the Engagement of Cloud Computing Services Procedure and is subordinate to it.

3 Schedule

By acknowledging completion of the items in this checklist, the Information System Custodian confirms that consideration of the key actions has been undertaken.

Relevant Section within Procedure


Build a business model to provide business context, estimate lifecycle cost and to form the basis for functional, performance and resource requirements

Capture requirements for functionality, standards, performance, manageability, security and compliance

Build a business case, providing business rationale and an assessment of options


Assess the risks and determine suitable treatment strategies


Evaluation and Consultation with relevant stakeholders


Consider issues relating to Intellectual Property and Copyright


Consider Location of provider and relevant infrastructure for data sovereignty


Consider Privacy and Data Security


Consider Records Retention and Availability


Consider Data Classification


Consider Business Continuity


Determine contractual terms prior to engaging the market


SLA and prepare an exit strategy which considers business continuity, disposition of data and exit costs

Approach the market

Select a provider, verifying claims on costs, architecture, reputation and capability

Plan the implementation, ensuring sufficient resources to prepare infrastructure and manage organisational change

Prepare for on-going operations, ensuring sufficient in-house resources will be in place for on-going operations

Manage and Review the contract, service and vendor relationship on an on-going basis at pre-defined time intervals.

4 References


5 Schedule Information

Accountable Officer

Chief Information Officer

Responsible Officer

Chief Information Officer

Policy Type

University Procedure

Policy Suite

Business Continuity Policy

Approved Date


Effective Date


Review Date


Relevant Legislation

Policy Exceptions

Policy Exceptions Register

Related Policies

Administrative Access Scheme Policy

Contract Management Policy (under development)

Enterprise Architecture Policy

Enterprise Risk Management Policy

ICT Information Management and Security Policy

Intellectual Property Policy

Privacy Policy

Procurement Policy

Records and Information Management Policy

Right to Information Policy

Related Procedures

Administrative Access Scheme Procedure

Commercialisation of Intellectual Property Procedure

Engagement of Cloud Computing Services Procedure

Information Asset and Security Classification Procedure

Intellectual Property Procedure

Records and Information Management Procedure

Right to Information Procedure

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A Guide to Implementing Cloud Services - Better Practice Guide

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Privacy Impact Assessment

Privacy Threshold Assessment


Terms defined in the Definitions Dictionary

Information System Custodian

An individual or group of people who have been officially designated as accountable for specific data that is transmitted, used, and stored on a System within the University....moreAn individual or group of people who have been officially designated as accountable for specific data that is transmitted, used, and stored on a System within the University.

Definitions that relate to this schedule only


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Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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