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Academic Promotion Policy

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To outline the principles for academic promotion.

2 Scope

This policy applies to all Academic Employees who hold a continuing, contingent-funded, or fixed-term appointment of more than 12 months' duration.

3 Policy Statement

The University is committed to providing a merit-based, equitable, and transparent promotion program for Academic Employees.

4 Principles

The University's promotion program:

  • recognises and rewards sustained contribution, achievement, and leadership that advances the University's strategic objectives and standing;
  • recognises demonstrated high standards of behaviour and performance in line with the University's Code of Conduct Policy and University values of respect, integrity, and excellence; and
  • provides an identifiable career pathway for Academic Employees.

Promotion of Academic Employees will be fair, consistent, and transparent based upon evidence of prior performance outcomes and expected future performance.

The principle of equal opportunity applies to all applications for promotion. The achievements of candidates for promotion are considered relative to opportunity. Due consideration will be given to career interruptions, relevant time spent in business or industry, caring or cultural commitments, and other personal circumstances impacting on performance.

It is the responsibility of the applicant to clearly make an evidenced based case for how they meet the requirements for promotion, in compliance with the relevant Academic Employee promotion procedure, and with regard to the UniSQ Academic Employee Expectations Framework.

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6 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

7 Policy Information

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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise Services)

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Chief People Officer

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Executive Policy

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Academic Promotion Procedure

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The term 'University' or 'UniSQ' means the University of Southern Queensland....moreThe term 'University' or 'UniSQ' means the University of Southern Queensland.

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Promotion, academic promotion, academic expectations

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Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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