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Current Activity

Policy Gazettal

At any one time, a number of policies are under review or development. You are invited to review the Policy and Supporting Documents below by clicking on the relevant link to view the policy and its supporting documents in a combined PDF. When you are ready to provide feedback, there are several ways you can share your thoughts. You are welcome to respond in as many ways as you like.

  1. To respond to specific questions about the Policy, open the Survey link below.
  2. To provide tracked changes and comments within a Word document, open the Inline Feedback link below and then select Edit Document > Open in Desktop App. Your feedback, and that of others, will be visible by university staff only.
  3. Confidential feedback can be sent to
Policy and Supporting Documents Policy Type Accountable Officer Enquiry Point Survey Inline Feedback Close Date
No policies currently open for feedback.

Current Policy Activity

To view a list of policies, procedures and schedules currently under review or development, please consult the Policy Activity Log.

Recent Approvals and Pending Versions

Below is a list of policies, procedures and schedules that have been approved and/or came into effect within the last three months. Please note this does not include Editorial Amendments
Instrument Title Degree of Change Accountable Officer Effective Date
Recruitment and Selection Procedure Minor Chief People Officer 22-03-2023
Financial Delegations Schedule Major Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Enterprise Services) 15-03-2023
Assessment Procedure Major Provost 13-03-2023
Grades Procedure Major Provost 13-03-2023
Course Management Procedure Minor Provost 13-03-2023
Course Specifications Requirements Schedule Major Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) 13-03-2023
Cotutelle PhD Program Procedure New Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation) 13-03-2023
Program Accreditation Procedure Major Provost 13-03-2023
Program Change, Suspension and Discontinuation Procedure Major Provost 13-03-2023
Assessment and Grades - Roles and Responsibilities Schedule Major Provost 13-03-2023
Unreasonable Student Complainant Conduct Procedure New Provost 08-03-2023
Complaints Management Policy New Provost 08-03-2023
Complaints Management Procedure New Provost 08-03-2023
Graduate Attributes Policy Minor Provost 23-02-2023
Employee Excellence Awards Categories Schedule Major Chief People Officer 23-01-2023
Motor Vehicle Policy and Procedure Minor Executive Director (Facilities Management) 05-01-2023
Course Nomenclature and Coding Schedule New Provost 01-01-2023
Below is a list of policies, procedures and schedules that have been approved and will become effective on the date provided.
Instrument Title Degree of Change Change Summary Effective Date
No policy instruments currently pending.