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Program Expedited Approval Pathway Schedule

Schedule overview

1 Purpose

To outline the process to expedite new program approval and expedite approval of changes to existing programs.

2 Scope

This schedule must be read in conjunction with the Program Accreditation Procedure and the Program Change, Suspension and Discontinuation Procedure.

3 Schedule

An expedited approval pathway enables new programs and major program changes to be considered and approved in exceptional circumstances outside of the standard committee approval process. Grounds for requesting an expedited pathway include:

  • the need to address professional accreditation body requirements
  • the development of new strategic programs to address sector or government changes to avoid putting the University at significant risk or financial loss
  • a request from the University's executive.

3.1 Requesting an expedited approval pathway

Requests for an expedited pathway are made in writing by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) or Head of College to the Chair (Education Committee) for approval. The request outlines:

  • the reasons for requesting expedition
  • the consequences if the expedited process is not followed
  • the anticipated accreditation or approval date.

3.2 Expedited pathway working group

If approved, an expedited pathway requires the establishment of a working group. The working group comprises the following members:


Working group members

Chairperson (Education Committee)

Chairperson, Academic Board

Deputy Chairperson, Academic Board

Deputy Chairperson, Education Committee

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs)

Other relevant staff as determined by the working group Chairperson.

3.3 Approval process

The expedited approval working group replaces Education Committee and Academic Board in the:

Stage 2 new program accreditation process (refer to the Program Accreditation Procedure); and

major changes to existing programs approval process (refer to the Program Change, Suspension and Discontinuation Procedure).

The working group considers the academic merit of the proposed new program or major changes to an existing program based on the submitted documentation and resolves to accredit the new program or approve the major changes subject to matters being addressed and amendments being completed, where applicable, or make other such resolutions, as agreed by working group members.

3.4 Reporting

Any decisions made by the working group to accredit a new program or approve major changes to an existing program will be reported to the next meeting of Academic Board for noting and included in annual summary reporting, as specified in the Program Accreditation Procedure and the Program Change, Suspension and Discontinuation Procedure.

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Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs)

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University Procedure

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Academic Programs and Courses Quality Policy

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Relevant Legislation

Higher Education Standards Framework (Threshold Standards) 2021

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Policy Exceptions Register

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Coursework Curriculum Design Policy

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Assessment Procedure

Coursework Curriculum Design and Structure Procedure

Program Accreditation Procedure

Program Change, Suspension and Discontinuation Procedure

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