Policy Matters - January 2020

Updates, news and tips from the ready to engage team in Policy Services!


"Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you decided on is being carried out." - Ronald Reagan

Is it a Delegation?

The “Is it a Delegation?” tool is now available on our resources page and is designed to help you identify whether or not you’re dealing with Delegations - and what your next steps might be.

They like us! They really like us!

We’ve been excited to receive multiple examples of praise (including some from overseas!) singing the praises of our Policy Library.

We’re always working to get better, but it’s lovely to be reminded that we’re actually ahead of the pack industry wide. Yay!

Coming Soon!

Wondering how to identify your Key Stakeholders? Worried you’ll leave someone out? We’re working on a tool for that and expect to launch it in a month or two. Watch this space!

DID YOU KNOW: We can easily search the Policy Library and provide a convenient report to tell you where (and how) a term is used? Just ask!

Policy Library Updates - Q4 2019

"In many spheres of human endeavour, from science to business to education to economic policy, good decisions depend on good measurement." - Ben Bernanke

The Policy and Procedure Library houses all USQ policies and procedures. This also includes a Definitions Dictionary that contains all agreed terms and definitions relative to policy and procedure.

New or substantially revised policy instruments

The following policy instruments were approved and published in the fourth quarter of 2019 and are listed by Accountable Officer.

Accountable Officer Instrument Title Policy Document Type Degree of Change
Head (Campus Services) Emergency Procedure Procedure Major
Chief Financial Officer Taxation Policy Policy Major
Chief Financial Officer Taxation Procedure Procedure Major

Consultation and deployment

Your input will continue to be sought through the gazettal process. This provides an opportunity for direct input into or comment on applicable new or substantially revised policies.

Deployment plans

Comprehensive deployment plans also continue to be developed for all new or substantially revised policies and procedures and these are progressively implemented by the relevant Accountable Officer. Separate and targeted communications occur at divisional level to ensure they are appropriately deployed.

Enquiries and feedback

Enquiries and feedback relative to the deployment of policy and procedure can be directed to the office of the relevant Accountable Officer. All other enquiries and feedback may be directed to Policy Services.


"If you understood the plan of your government, that means it is a policy or if you don't it means it is politics." - Rashid Jorvee

BYO Lunch & Learn

Tell Me What You Really Mean! - Writing for Readers in Plain English

We’re looking forward to another interactive session! This time, we’re focused on drafting documents (including but not limited to Policy work) that people can actually use and read. Join us in R226 on 26th February from 1pm-2pm. RSVP to policy@usq.edu.au.

Tips & Tricks

"Wishful thinking is not sound policy." - Bjorn Lomborg

Did You Know?

We have customised, policy specific briefing templates for VCE and Academic Board? They're shorter, to the point and easy to use. Find them here under "Tools".

Content vs. Style

Spending time worrying about how your policy document looks? Head done in by trying to match the Style Guide? To misquote Taylor Swift "Drafters gotta draft, draft, draft, draft, draft!" Your job is to focus on content. Let Policy Services worry about making sure the style is right.

Case Study: Workshop It!

We often work with business areas to identify improvement ideas for policies, procedures and even the way we create and change our policies.

For example, we’ve been having some great talks with John Heever, the Manager (Risk & Compliance).

John is digging deep into how we manage compliance at USQ and we’re working with him (and a variety of stakeholders) to identify opportunities to the policy/compliance connection easier to manage.

Case Study: That was Minor

Recently, we assisted HR to progress some minor amendments to a suite of HR Procedures.

These changes were minor since they were all about updating and clarifying, with the scope, purpose and overall content remaining the same.

We set up review versions, confirmed that the key stakeholders had been consulted and reviewed the changes. Now it’s been published – no fuss, no muss.

Case Study: Easy Editorial

Athol Kerridge, CFO, dropped by Policy Services the other day and demonstrated just how simple it is to make an editorial change!

As Accountable Officer of the procedure, he just had to show us the change he wanted. We gave it a quick once over and since it didn't alter the scope or purpose of the procedure and wasn't significant enough to warrant even a "Minor" change, we processed it straight away. No other approvals needed - easy peasy!