Storeroom and Mailroom Policy and Procedure

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To provide information on the storeroom and mailroom

2 Scope

All USQ Staff and Associated Contractors

3 Policy Statement

3.1 General

The University operates a Central Receival/Dispatch Store and Mailroom as an integral part of its support services to all Departments of the Campus.

3.2 Policy

The University operates a Central Receival/Dispatch Store and Mailroom, which is to provide efficient and cost effective support to client Faculties and Departments in the following commodity and service categories:

  • Receival and Dispatch Services
  • Mailroom Services
  • Fork-Lift Service
  • Short Term "Archival" Storage
  • Bulk Paper for Printing Services
  • Carpet for Maintenance
  • Diesel Fuel for Grounds
  • Washroom Requisites
  • University Stationery Forms

4 Principles

The Manager (Administration) shall be responsible to the Executive Director (Facilities Management) for the operation of the Central Receival/Dispatch Store and Mailroom.

The Receival/Dispatch Store will not purchase any items for re-sale. All commodities listed above will be purchased directly by the user Department and held/distributed/charged on their behalf, as necessary.

The University, in its internal mail operations, recognises and respects the right to privacy of staff members. The University reserves the right to refuse to handle dangerous goods of any type whatsoever, and may refuse to handle any article where University staff suspect that the article contravenes any University Policy or any applicable law

Salaries for support staff within the Receival/Dispatch Store and Mailroom will be funded partly from an annual fund allocation to Facilities Management and partly from a Printing Services contribution toward bulk paper ordering, warehousing and distribution services.

5 Procedures

The Central Receival/Dispatch Store and Mailroom will maintain appropriate computer and/or manual records to support its programs and satisfy audit requirements.

Delivery of in-coming goods and equipment will be to a Faculty/Department's centralised receipt area unless other arrangements are made.

Delivery and collection of external/internal mail will be carried out twice daily (morning and afternoon).

All external mail received by the Mailroom prior to 3pm each weekday will be processed for collection by Australia Post or a courier service on the same day. Client Departments are charged actual mail/courier costs.

6 References


7 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

8 Policy Information

Accountable Officer

Executive Director (Facilities Management)

Responsible Officer

Associate Director (Security and Emergency)

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Terms defined in the Definitions Dictionary

Definitions that relate to this policy only

Receival and Dispatch Services

Includes goods and equipment received, distributed and dispatched on behalf of Faculties/Departments.

Mailroom Services

Includes receipt, distribution and collection of official University external/internal mail and coordination of associated external postage and courier services on behalf of Faculties/Departments, as required.

Forklift Service

A forklift service, for loading and unloading palletised items, is provided to all area of the University.

Short Term "Archival" Storage

Includes storage of files that Faculties/Departments are required to retain for nominated periods of time to satisfy official, historical and/or government audit purposes. Responsibility for file management remains with the relevant Faculty/Department.

Bulk Paper for Printing Services

Includes bulk stocks of plain and coloured paper used within the Printery including A4, A3, white and coloured paper distributed and charged to client Departments on behalf of Printing Services.

Carpet for Maintenance

Includes bulk stock of the University's "plum" coloured carpet and specialist coloured carpet used for building maintenance.

Diesel Fuel for Grounds

Includes bulk stock of diesel fuel used in Grounds maintenance equipment.

Washroom Requisites

Includes bulk stock of toilet paper, paper hand towel and liquid hand soap for distribution by Contract Cleaners.

University Stationery

Includes bulk stock of exam booklets, letterhead, with complements slips, envelopes, time cards etc.


Storeroom Mailroom

Record No


Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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