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Furniture and Fittings Procedure

Procedure overview

1 Purpose

To provide information on furniture and fittings

2 Scope

All UniSQ Staff and associated contractors

3 Procedure Overview

The University has prepared guidelines for the relocation of staff offices and has a responsibility to provide appropriate furniture through relevant Procurement processes.

4 Procedures

4.1 Furniture Moving

  1. When it becomes necessary to relocate furniture on campus, Facilities Management can provide assistance at a minimal cost by providing staff at $30.00 per hour per person or part thereof.

    Facilities Management reserves the right to arrange offers from external contractors for any move associated with in-house personnel and equipment. Costs associated with external contractors, unless part of an approved project; will be at the user's expense.
  2. For Normal Activities:

    Requests should be directed to ServiceHub and the following timelines should be used as a guide as reasonable notice is required:
    1. Minor Move Desk, filing cabinet etc. Two Working Days
    2. Larger Move Contents of one full office Ten Working Days
    3. One day per week (Thursday) has been allocated for Facilities Maintenance staff to carry out relocations/moves. If the work cannot be completed on the allocated day, it will carry forward to the following Thursday. External contractors through this Department will perform urgent or major moves at the user's expense.
    4. Unloading, packing and reloading of books and materials from filing cabinets, desks, bookshelves etc will be the responsibility of the user.
    5. All books and materials are required to be packed in cardboard cartons approximately 50cm x 30cm x 30cm in size and not to exceed 16kg.
    6. All items shall be packed to ensure the object does not have sharp or protruding edges and is not an awkward shape, unbalanced, smooth, slippery, greasy or wet.
    7. All furniture, equipment and boxes must be clearly marked showing the required destination eg room number. Any items not marked will only be delivered at the discretion of the Supervisor (Facilities Maintenance). A member of the Faculty/Section's staff may be requested to be available for direction if warranted.
    8. It will be the Faculty/Section's responsibility to arrange relocation of any equipment and accessories that require specialist handling i.e. computers, photocopiers etc.
  3. For Project Related Activities:

    The Faculty/Department representative should forward all requirements to the nominated Facilities Management Project Officer.

    The Project Officer will then arrange for the necessary relocations to take place with all costs being met by the project cost centre.
  4. In arranging for the movement of equipment, furniture or materials the appropriate officer must take into consideration the obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Code of Practice - Manual Handling.

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6 Schedules

This procedure must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

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Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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