Traffic and Parking Policy and Procedure

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To provide information on traffic and parking at the University of Southern Queensland campuses.

2 Scope

All University Staff and Students.

3 Policy Statement

The University will provide motor vehicle movement and parking areas for use by staff, students and visitors. To ensure the safe, orderly and expeditious movement and parking of vehicles the University will develop, promulgate and implement appropriate regulatory procedures.

4 Principles

  1. The regulation of vehicular traffic and parking on the campuses of the University of Southern Queensland shall be in accordance with the provisions of the University Act. A copy of the Act is available on request from USQ Security.
  2. The Manager (Administration) Facilities Management shall be responsible for the management of vehicular traffic and parking in accordance with the provisions of the Act and subject to any directions by Council or the Vice-Chancellor.
  3. Areas of the University's campuses designated under the Act as roadways and parking zones shall be shown on the University's Campus Directory. Appropriate signage will be displayed on all campus roadway entrances. The Manager (Administration) Facilities Management shall make copies of the Directory available on request.
  4. Traffic control devices as described in Standards (AS 1742) "Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices" and any markings stated herein shall constitute traffic control devices under the Act.
    1. Disabled persons' vehicle parking areas shall be signposted and have the international symbol painted on the bay surface. All numbered parking bays are Allocated Vehicle Bays (i.e. reserved parking spaces) and shall be signposted to indicate they are within a permit zone.
    2. The foregoing may be altered at any time by the Executive Director (Facilities Management) in consultation with the Manager (Administration) Facilities Management and promulgated by placing a notice to that effect on the official notice board.
  5. The Executive Director (Facilities Management), in consultation with the Manager (Administration) Facilities Management, shall annually assign allocated vehicle bays.
  6. Deans/Directors/Managers shall determine the use of vehicle bays allocated to their Faculty/Department.

    Current parking permits are required before a person may park a vehicle in an allocated vehicle bay as follows:
    1. Annual Parking Permit - The Parking/Security Office will issue Deans/Directors/Managers with permits for a period not beyond 31 December of the current year.
    2. Temporary Parking Permit - A permit must be obtained from the Parking/Security Office for a specified period.
  7. A Disabled Person's Parking Permit, issued by the Queensland Department of Transport or a similar permit issued by an equivalent authority in another state, or a Temporary "Disabled Person's" Parking Permit must be displayed on a vehicle parked in a disabled persons' vehicle bay.
  8. No permit is required under the Act by an employee, student or visitor to move a vehicle on a roadway, to park a vehicle in a parking zone other than in an allocated vehicle bay or on a roadway, or to allow a vehicle to stand in a loading zone so long as the provisions of the Act relating to the manner of vehicle movement, parking and standing are not breached. However, all vehicles must be currently registered and drivers are required to carry a current license for driving in Queensland for the appropriate class of vehicle.

5 Procedures

  1. The Manager (Administration) Facilities Management, after consultation with the Executive Director (Facilities Management), will allocate vehicle bays and notify Faculties/Departments by 30 November of each year of those for which the Deans/Directors/Managers may issue parking permits for the following year.
  2. Deans/Directors/Managers will then determine the use of vehicle bays allocated to their Faculty/Department and advise the Manager (Administration) Facilities Management by 31 December of the numbers of annual and temporary parking permits required for the following year. These permits will be made available in February.
  3. Deans/Directors/Managers will allocate vehicle bays for the sole use of staff or of persons such as visitors and service personnel. Faculties/Departments will issue annual or temporary permits as determined by the Deans/Directors/Managers.
  4. Application forms for Disabled Persons' Parking Permits issued by the Queensland Department of Transport are available from Student Services.
  5. Persons who have obtained a doctor's certificate stating they are temporarily disabled may apply to the Parking/Security Office for a Temporary Parking Permit. Such permits to be issued for use in any Disabled Persons' Vehicle Bay for the duration of their disability or the period they will be visiting campus, whichever is the shorter.
  6. Annual parking permits are to be affixed in a prominent position to the inner glass surface of authorised vehicles. Temporary permits are to be displayed in a prominent position on the vehicle's dashboard.
  7. Faculties/Departments will keep separate records of issue for annual permits and temporary permits and will advise the Manager (Administration) Facilities Management of annual permit details for the forthcoming year by the end of 31 December. Changes and additions are to be notified immediately they occur.
  8. The Manager (Administration) Facilities Management will maintain appropriate records compiled from data supplied by Facilities/Departments for use by Facilities Management and USQ Security.
  9. Prescribed penalties for breaches of the Act are set out in the "Notice of Contravention".
  10. Payments relating to breaches of the Act may be made in person or by post to the Cashier, Financial and Business Services. Cheques should be made payable to the University of Southern Queensland.

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This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

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Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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