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Policy and Procedure Library

The University Policy and Procedure Library is the definitive source of current policy and procedural documentation relating to the governance, academic quality standards and management of the University.

Policy and Procedure Categories Policy and Procedure Framework and Resources

Governance and Management

Governance and Management of the University includes the The University Council, Academic Board and the University's management committees. The University of Southern Queensland Act 1998 and the Statutes of the University also relate to the governance and management of the University.

Financial and Business Services

Financial and Business Services Policies and Procedures include the Financial Management Practice Manual, PeopleSoft Manuals, Purchasing Manual, State Purchasing Policy and Manual of Financial Procedures and Information. There are a range of policies which are still under development and until the updates are progressed through the policy development process, any clarification on legislative and/or best practice requirement should be sought from the Chief Financial Officer.