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Multiculturalism Policy and Procedure

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To provide information and guidance about Multiculturalism Policy

2 Scope

All USQ Staff and Students

3 Policy Statement

Australian society contains many cultures, the members of which are, by rights, all entitled to equality of opportunity and of social justice. Visitors to and temporary residents in Australia are entitled, so far as the law permits, to the same consideration as citizens enjoy. These principles are accepted by the University in all its dealings.

It is expected that the implementation of the USQ Policy on Multiculturalism will contribute to efficiency and equity in teaching, research, scholarship and community services of this University.

4 Principles

  1. To recognise the multicultural character of the Australian society and the University community.
  2. To encourage staff and students of the University of Southern Queensland to respect a diverse range of cultural value systems.
  3. To facilitate the contribution and successful participation of staff and students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  4. To render support to University staff and students from various backgrounds whose work and study environment may be affected by different cultural expectations and/or language problems.
  5. To make use of the cultural capital brought to the University by the staff and students from diverse cultural and language backgrounds in order to achieve the University's mission.

5 Procedures

The University of Southern Queensland appreciates and values highly the cultural and linguistic diversity of its staff and students.

Specific actions will be undertaken to ensure that all benefits arising from such diversity are utilised by the University and the broader community. These benefits include the skills and knowledge gained outside Australia or as a result of dealing with people from different cultures, the languages spoken by staff and students on campus and the cross-cultural communication skills.

The benefits of international cooperation with other universities, institutions and individuals are also recognised and promoted by the University.

As one of the leading providers of international education programs in Australia, the University will ensure that the academic programs are culturally inclusive in their content and delivery. The staff of the University of Southern Queensland will make every effort to respond to the diverse needs of students. Research investigation into cultural diversity, multiculturalism and specific needs of staff and students from diverse backgrounds will be encouraged.

Understanding and knowledge of other cultures and cross-cultural skills will be highly regarded in all new appointments and ongoing training.

Staff with cross-cultural skills and knowledge of specific cultures, languages, educational, legal, political or religious systems will be involved in culturally inclusive curriculum development, marketing university programs overseas and inter-institutional contacts with international universities.

Acknowledging that the University and wider community will benefit from a richer cultural and intellectual life, the University offers equal access to and participation in employment and education to all people regardless of their racial, ethnic, cultural, linguistic or religious backgrounds.

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7 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

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Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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