Qualities of a Graduate Policy

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To frame curriculum development and the student learning journey, facilitate the development of lifelong learning and employability skills for graduating students.

2 Scope

Applies to all bachelor degrees of the University

3 Policy Statement

Every USQ graduate (from a Bachelor degree program) is expected, upon graduation, to exhibit the following qualities:

Discipline Expertise:

Evidence of analytical engagement with the theoretical knowledge of students' chosen disciplines.


Evidence of the skills required for effective participation in students' chosen working environment.

Global Citizenship:

Evidence of students' ability to connect discipline-based theory and practice to the sustainability of communities, economies and environments in a global context.


Evidence of students' capabilities to make a scholarly contribution in their workplaces and the wider communities.

Lifelong Learning:

Evidence of students' academic and lifelong independent learning skills. The University recognises that whilst all graduates will have these five qualities the level and mix of the qualities may vary from program to program.

4 Principles

The development, implementation and review of the qualities and skills will be reviewed as part of the annual assessment of programs and courses.

5 Procedures

  1. The Qualities of a USQ Graduate Policy will inform curriculum development and the USQ student learning journey.
  2. The development of the five Qualities within programs is fulfilled at the course level through the assessment of skills detailed below:
    1. Ethical research and enquiry
    2. Problem solving
    3. Academic, professional and digital literacy
    4. Written and oral communication
    5. Interpersonal skills
    6. Teamwork
    7. Cultural literacy
    8. Management, planning and organisational skills
    9. Creativity, initiative and enterprise.
    10. Sustainable practice
  3. The graduate qualities will be implemented in all bachelor degree programs as part of the continuous cycle of course and program quality improvement. Accordingly, the Policy is designed to build evidence of students' attainment of the qualities and skills through all levels of study.
  4. The Dean will ensure that students entering a program are informed about the graduate qualities and skills defined for the program, their purpose, and how they will be developed and assessed throughout the program.
  5. The skills will be customised, mapped and aligned at program or major level.
  6. The methodology of implementation, namely customisation, mapping and alignment, will be supported by templates and guidelines provided by USQ learning support organisations.
  7. Students' attainment of the skills, as demonstrated through successful participation in courses in their programs, leading to the development of graduate qualities will be recorded in E-portfolios.
  8. The implementation of the process will be monitored through a course and program approval system.

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7 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

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Complying with the law and observing Policy and Procedure is a condition of working and/or studying at the University.

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