Instruments of Delegation of Authority and Vice-Chancellor Policy

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To provide information about the Instruments of Delegation of Authority and Vice-Chancellor

2 Scope

Applies to the Vice-Chancellor

3 Principles

The University of Southern Queensland Act 1998 provides for the appointment of a Vice-Chancellor. Section 32 (4) provides that "The Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the University and may exercise the powers and perform the functions conferred on the Vice-Chancellor by this or another Act or the Council."

Subject to the University Act and any resolution of Council, the Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive officer of USQ and is responsible for the academic, administrative, financial and other affairs of USQ.

The Vice-Chancellor shall promote the interests and further the development of USQ.

The Vice-Chancellor shall exercise general supervision over the activities and welfare of staff and students of USQ.

The Vice-Chancellor shall have all such powers and duties as may be necessary or convenient to enable him to carry out his responsibilities.

Except as otherwise provided, the Vice-Chancellor may exercise any of the powers of Council (other than the power to make Statutes and rules or powers and duties in relation to the annual adoption of a budget or the approval to spend funds available to the University by way of bequest, donation or special grant) with respect to any matter which he considers to be of a routine nature or require immediate action and he may give any necessary directions for these purposes, but the Vice-Chancellor shall as soon as practicable report to Council or to any committee authorised by Council to receive such reports, any acts done pursuant to this section.

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Instruments Delegation of Authority Vice-Chancellor

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