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Business Classification Scheme Policy and Procedure

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To provide information and guidance on the Business Classification Scheme

2 Scope

All USQ Employees

3 Policy Statement

  1. The University of Southern Queensland will ensure the consistent and effective classification and arrangement of 'public records' held by, or under the control of USQ, in accordance with the relevant Government legislative requirements.
  2. USQ will adopt the Business Classification Scheme, as endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor's Executive (VCE) and approved by the Vice-Chancellor.
  3. USQ will maintain an accurate and up-to-date Business Classification Scheme, reflecting the University's business processes, for the purpose of classification and arrangement of USQ 'public records'.
  4. USQ will promote 'best practice' recordkeeping associated with the classification and arrangement of USQ 'public records', and will provide appropriate information, guidelines and training to relevant staff.

4 Principles

As a public authority, USQ is required under the Queensland Government initiative, the 'Whole-of-Government Recordkeeping Framework', to comply with:

5 Procedures

  1. All 'public records' held by USQ, or under the control of USQ staff, in pursuit of their official responsibilities are the property of USQ. (refer S9 Public Records Act 2002).
  2. USQ staff, including contractors, will be held responsible and accountable for the appropriate maintenance, storage and disposal of USQ records.
  3. USQ staff, including contractors, will maintain USQ records (in all formats) in accordance with the approved Business Classification Scheme.
  4. The USQ Recordkeeping Board is responsible for providing oversight of the Recordkeeping Information Standard IS40 implementation strategies adopted by USQ. Refer to USQ Recordkeeping Implementation Project available at:
  5. The Manager, Corporate Records through the USQ Recordkeeping Board, is responsible for developing a corporate approach to the implementation of recordkeeping policies and procedures to ensure a coordinated and consistent application of recordkeeping strategies for all USQ 'public records'.
  6. All faculties/sections will, for the purposes of classification and arrangement of USQ records (irrespective of format), use the Business Classification Scheme, as follows:

    Level 1 - Function

    Level 1 - Functions (Scope Notes)

    Level 2 - Activities

    Level 3 - Transactions

    Level 2 - Activities will be the minimum accepted University 'standard' for the purposes of maintaining USQ recordkeeping systems (Manual).
    The University's records management system will utilize Levels 1 to 3.
  7. Matters requiring interpretation of the approved Business Classification Scheme will be referred to the Manager, Corporate Records for investigation and advice. Unresolved issues will be referred to Queensland State Archives, or alternatively, the Queensland Universities' Records Managers Collaborative Group for appropriate advice.
  8. As a minimum requirement, all faculties/sections will, as soon as practicable after policy endorsement, review and revise existing recordkeeping systems and, implement future recordkeeping systems, in accordance with the approved Business Classification Scheme.

    Recordkeeping systems will include:
    1. hard-print records;
    2. electronic records (Word, Excel, etc.); and
    3. email records (subject to further investigation).

5.1 Responsible Officer

Manager, Corporate Records

5.2 Approving Body

ICT Strategy Committee

6 References


7 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

8 Policy Information

Subordinate Schedules

Accountable Officer

Executive Director (Corporate Management Services)

Policy Type

Executive Policy

Approved Date


Effective Date


Review Date

Relevant Legislation

Related Policies

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Related forms, publications and websites


Terms defined in the Definitions Dictionary

Definitions that relate to this policy only

The publication, 'Glossary of Archival and Recordkeeping Terms', issued by Queensland State Archives (QSA).


Business Classification Scheme

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Failure to comply with this Policy or Policy Instrument may be considered as misconduct and the provisions of the relevant Policy or Procedure applied.

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