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Leave of Absence Procedure

Procedure overview

1 Purpose

To outline the categories of leave and the associated entitlements and absence provisions available to Employees.

2 Scope

This procedure applies to eligible Employees in accordance with the conditions and entitlements outlined in the relevant Schedule.

3 Procedure Overview

This procedure details the conditions and entitlements relating to leave of absence.

4 Procedures

4.1 Categories of leave

The following categories of leave are available at the University and are outlined in the relevant Schedule:

Category of Leave



Annual Leave Schedule



Personal and Carer's Leave Schedule


Parental Leave Schedule

Long Service Leave

Long Service Leave Schedule


Jury Service and Court Attendance

Major Sporting Competitions

Defence Forces

Workplace Relations Training

Attendance at Emergencies


In Lieu of Overtime

Leave without Pay

Worker's Compensation

Special: This includes Cultural and Ceremonial Leave

Other Leave Schedule

4.2 End of year arrangements

During closure of the University between 25 December and 1 January in the following year inclusive, the University will not require an Employee to utilise annual leave entitlements during this closure period.

4.3 Gazetted show holidays

An Employee will not normally be scheduled to attend work on another campus on the gazetted show holiday for their base campus and suitable arrangements should be made as early as possible to permit this to occur.

However in instances where this is unavoidably required due to the operational and service provision requirements of the particular work area, the following arrangements will apply:

  • For professional Employees, the Employee will be paid at 250% of the ordinary rate in accordance with Clause 42.1.1(e) of the University of Southern Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014-2017.
  • For academic Employees, the Supervisor and Employee must identify an alternative leave day at a mutually agreed time, normally within the following three month period. For example, if a University Springfield Employee is scheduled to work at the Toowoomba Campus on the Ipswich gazetted show holiday, the Employee and their Supervisor must mutually agree on a suitable substitute day of leave. Employees are not required to utilise annual leave entitlements for this substitute day.

4.4 How to apply for leave

Employee leave of absences must be approved by the appropriate Delegate to achieve minimum disruption to the operations of the University. Employees must apply for leave using the Employee Self Services (ESS) system for categories available online and the Absence Request Form for categories not available online.

All applications for leave require the approval of the Supervisor or other relevant Delegate as outlined in the relevant Schedule.

All paper-based completed Absence Request forms must be forwarded to Human Resources for processing.

4.5 Absence from duty

Where an Employee is absent without prior notice and approval from the University, the Employee must notify their Supervisor as soon as is practicable. The Employee will be required to advise the Supervisor of the nature and estimated length of the absence.

Where an Employee's absence extends past the length of absence advised to the University, the Employee will notify the Supervisor of any changes.

Failure by an Employee to advise the University of the reason for any absence of more than 10 sequential working days will be considered to be abandonment of employment, and the Employee will thereby be deemed to have terminated the Employee's employment. Refer to the Termination of Employment Procedure.

4.6 Leave records

Leave records will be maintained on the Human Resources Management System by Human Resources. Employee leave records will be retained in accordance with the General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records issued by Queensland State Archives.

5 Delegated responsibilities


Level of Delegation


Approval of annual, personal, carer's, compassionate (including extended close relative definition), long service, jury service, major sporting competitions, defence, workplace relations, emergencies, election, TOIL, leave without pay less than four weeks.

Category 4 Delegate or above

Approval of parental (including special conditions relating to parental (Maternity) leave, leave without pay more than four weeks and up to six months, workers compensation.

Category 2 Delegate or above

Approval of leave without pay more than six months and up to two years, special leave.

6 References


7 Schedules

This procedure must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

8 Procedure Information

Subordinate Schedules

Annual Leave Schedule

Personal and Carer's Leave Schedule

Parental Leave Schedule

Long Service Leave Schedule

Other Leave Types Schedule

Accountable Officer

Executive Director (Finance and People Capability)

Policy Type

University Procedure

Approved Date


Effective Date


Review Date


Relevant Legislation

Fair Work Act 2009

University of Southern Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2014 - 2017

Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 2003

Related Policies

Salaries, Classifications and Entitlements Policy

Related Procedures

Recognition of Prior Service Procedure

Termination of Employment Procedure

Related forms, publications and websites

Absence Request Form

General Retention and Disposal Schedule for Administrative Records


Terms defined in the Definitions Dictionary

Delegate (noun)

Delegate (noun) means the officer, Employee or committee of the University to whom, or to which, a delegation of authority has been made under this Policy....more


A person employed by the University and whose conditions of employment are covered by the USQ Enterprise Agreement and includes persons employed on a continuing, fixed term or casual basis. Employees also include senior Employees whose conditions of employment are covered by a written agreement or contract with the University....more


The term 'University' or 'USQ' means the University of Southern Queensland....more

Definitions that relate to this procedure only

Supervisor/Delegated Officer

Any Employee who has direct reports in the approved organisational structure of the University as recorded in the University's Human Resource Management System (PeopleSoft).


Annual, personal, sick, parental, carer's, compassionate, long service, leave, professional development, Employee exchange, jury service, major sporting competitions, defence forces, workplace relations, emergencies, election, leave without pay, worker's compensation, special, cultural and ceremonial

TRIM Record No


Failure to comply with this Policy or Policy Instrument may be considered as misconduct and the provisions of the relevant Policy or Procedure applied.
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