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Financial Assistance Upon Appointment Policy and Procedure

Policy overview

1 Purpose

To provides new Employees with information regarding financial assistance for relocation expenses when they are appointed to a position at the University.

2 Scope

This policy and procedure applies to all Employees whose appointment at the University is for a period of at least two years.

3 Policy Statement

The University may provide financial assistance to Employees who are required to relocate to take up appointment at the University.

4 Procedures

4.1 Eligibility

New Employees appointed to positions of at least two years duration may be entitled to financial assistance on appointment.

The University will base its financial assistance upon the cost of relocation to the Toowoomba, Springfield, Ipswich or Fraser Coast Campus or surrounds. This reflects the University's expectation that Employees will live amongst the local community serviced by the University.

The Category 4 Delegate or above may waive the eligibility requirements in exceptional circumstances.

4.2 Financial assistance

Financial assistance covers:

4.2.1 Travelling costs

Travelling costs of the appointee (and partner and/or dependants where applicable) covering the direct route economy class airfare, or if the mode of transport is by any other means, then actual direct route costs not exceeding the economy class airfare. The cost of meals and accommodation for the appointee (and family members where applicable) while travelling enroute are also covered.

4.2.2 Removal expenses

Reimbursement of costs for packing and transportation of reasonable household furniture and personal effects for the personal use of family members from residence to residence or residence to store with reference to the University's expectations outlined in 4.1.

Removal and/or storage must take place within 12 months of the Employee commencing duties at their new place of employment.

For appointees from within Australia the following financial limits will apply (where the distance from the point of departure to the University is determined using the official RACQ 'Road Travel Planner'):

Up to 600 kms from the University (includes Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Armidale*)


Over 600 kms and up to 1200 kms from the University (includes Rockhampton, Sydney, Canberra*)


Over 1200 kms and up to 1800 kms from the University (includes Melbourne, Townsville, Cairns*)


Over 1800 kms from the University (includes Perth, Hobart, Darwin, Adelaide*)


* location examples provided are from the Toowoomba Campus only.

For appointees from outside Australia, the following limits will apply:

  • appointee - up to a maximum of half a 20 foot steel shipping container (approximately 15 cubic metres)
  • appointee plus 1 or more additional persons - up to a maximum of one 20 foot steel shipping container (approximately 28 to 30 cubic metres).

4.2.3 Insurance of effects

Insurance of approved personal effects during transit will be covered by the University's insurance.

Insurance for storage of approved personal effects will be reimbursed upon production of appropriate receipts to a maximum of $500 for appointees from within Australia and a maximum of $1000 for appointees from overseas.

4.2.4 Settling in expenses

Settling in expenses associated with relocating will be reimbursed to the following limits:



Appointee plus 1 additional person


Appointee plus 2 additional persons


Appointee plus 3 or more additional persons


Settling in expenses are limited to items which are Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exempt and include:

  • costs of motel or other temporary rented accommodation and leasing of goods for domestic use in relation to such accommodation (while actively engaged in seeking permanent accommodation)
  • costs of connecting/reconnecting a telephone service (the Employee must have had a telephone connected at the previous dwelling) and reconnecting only of gas/electricity services
  • incidental costs of the sale of the old dwelling, and incidental costs of the purchase of a new dwelling*. This generally covers expenses such as stamp duty, advertising, legal fees, agents' commission, mortgage discharge costs and borrowing expenses.

* To be eligible to claim incidental costs of purchase of a new dwelling, the Employee must enter into a contract of sale for their former dwelling within two years of commencing employment at the new location. Purchase of the new dwelling must occur within four years of commencement at the new location.

4.3 Claims procedure

To be considered for financial assistance, new appointees must provide at least two quotations for removal of household furniture and personal effects on a door-to-door basis to the appropriate Category 4 Delegate or above for consideration. Normally the lower of these will be accepted.

In exceptional circumstances the Category 4 Delegate or above may waive the maximum limit and approve the full cost of removal expenses.

Upon commencement of duty the Employee may submit a claim for reimbursement of relocation expenses to the appropriate Category 4 Delegate or above for approval. Production of receipts will be required.

Where the appointee wishes to defer any claim for financial assistance on appointment, this must be negotiated with the approving Delegate within six months of commencing duties. The length of time for approved deferrals must remain within that period which will retain the FBT exempt status of the relocation benefit.

4.4 Termination of employment

When an Employee voluntarily terminates their employment with the University within three years of commencing duties for any reason other than ill health or conclusion of a fixed-term contract, they may be required to repay an amount of the expenses as determined by the University.

The repayment will be the total amount of the expenses less one thirty-sixth of that amount for each calendar month since commencing duties.

5 Delegated responsibilities


Level of Delegation

Category 4 Delegate or above

Approval of claims for financial assistance

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7 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

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