Learning and Development Policy and Procedure

Policy overview

1 Purpose

Aims to provide employees with information in relation to accessing appropriate developmental programmes to increase their skills, broaden their experience and enhance their future career opportunities.

2 Scope

Applicable to all employees of the University

3 Policy Statement

The University is committed to developing a more highly skilled and flexible workforce. Employees will be provided with access to appropriate developmental programmes to increase their skills, broaden their experience and enhance their future career opportunities. These programmes are designed to improve performance and efficiency; and to assist in the achievement of the University's objectives.

(Approved by Council June 1998)

4 Procedures

4.1 Purpose of the learning and development programme

To ensure the needs of the individual, team/ business unit and organisation are met through an integrated programme which focuses on personal growth and improvement.

4.2 Responsibility for employee development

Centralised coordination rests with Organisation Development in Human Resources, however responsibility lies with all Category 4 Delegates or above in conjunction with the individual.

4.3 Committees

Appropriate consultative committees will provide advice and guidance and serve in a representative role which addresses learning and development needs to ensure the success of the organisation both now and in the future.

The activities, achievements, issues and initiatives of the Professional Development programme shall be reported to the Vice-Chancellor's Committee on an annual basis.

4.4 Performance management

Category 4 Delegates or above will arrange for each employee to participate in an objective annual review of the employee's performance. The review will include discussion of the employee's training needs and appropriate strategies to meet these needs. Category 4 Delegates or above are encouraged to liaise with appropriate employees of the Organisational Development section to discuss training needs, strategies and options.

Refer to Performance Management for more information on appraisals.

4.5 Equal opportunity

The University is committed to provide special learning and development opportunities for female employees.

4.6 Employee induction

All commencing employees including casuals are required to participate in an induction programme. The employee's Category 4 Delegate or above will ensure that workloads are adjusted to accommodate this requirement.

4.7 Learning and development programmes

Learning and employee development programmes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ongoing employee development;
  • Training of heads of departments, faculties or other operational units and work teams;
  • Training of managers and supervisors in people management techniques;
  • Training in the application of University policy and procedure, especially human resources and workplace health and safety policy;
  • Interpersonal skills development and enhancement, including customer service and communication skills;
  • Technical skills; and
  • Career development strategies.

All academic employees will also have access to a range of employee development opportunities including, but not limited to programmes and consultative services on teaching and learning development and advances.

Employees are required to commit to training as required to meet the operational and technological requirements of the University's strategic focus.

5 Delegated responsibilities


Level of Delegation

Category 4 Delegate or above

Plan employee development strategies in conjunction with individual employee

Ensure new employees undertake induction

Ensure employees participate in performance planning and review

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7 Schedules

This policy must be read in conjunction with its subordinate schedules as provided in the table below.

8 Policy Information

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Executive Director, Human Resources

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Regulated Policy and Procedure

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Relevant Legislation

University of Southern Queensland Enterprise Agreement 2010 - 2013

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